The Educational Scholarship Trust Fund of the Insurance Managers Association of Cayman (IMAC) was formed in 1994 to assist with the post secondary education of young Caymanians. Contributions are derived from IMAC, the individual insurance management firms, and the captive insurance companies themselves, along with the proceeds of the annual Cayman Captive Forum held at the Ritz Carlton. It is the intention that the funds available be used where they can provide the most benefit. During 2010, the Fund achieved charitable status which it is hoped will assist with future fundraising efforts. The financial statements are audited by KPMG. Since inception the Fund has raised over US$ 3.4 million and assisted 42 students.

The first recipient of a scholarship from the Fund was Mesha Scott from Cayman Brac. She successfully completed a United World Colleges degree at Atlantic College in Wales. Later, Dorothy Scott from George Town was the recipient of a scholarship from the Fund to Armand Hammer College, New Mexico, U.S.A. She completed her studies and proceeded to study law at the London School of Economics. Thereafter the fund assisted Bradley Erskine, who studied for a Finance degree at Florida International University; and Tuda Murphy, who also gained a finance degree at King College in Tennessee. Additional funds have been granted, over the years to Adam Clyne, Jamal Solomon, Janine Mitchell, and Ian Beckles.

Our first full-time scholarship enabled Tiffany Anderson of Bodden Town to study for a BA (Hons) in Accounting and Finance at South Bank University in London, while Laveda Burton completed a BA Honours degree in Finance and International Business from Richmond University, also in London. Jessica Powell obtained an International Finance degree at the University of Miami and in May 2010 Monique Hydes graduated with a Bachelors degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing at Nova Southeastern University. In 2011 Victoria King gained a BA in Spanish and Philosophy at the University of Virginia and Shivonne Nixon graduated with a BA in Psychology at Acadia University in Canada. 2012 saw Onassia Bodden gain a Bachelor’s in Business Administration from the University of Miami and Freddy Diaz Christian received a BA ( Hons ) in Film and Moving Image from the University of Norwich.

Samantha Dorman graduated early in 2013 with a Bachelor’s degree in Veterinary Science from Massey University in New Zealand and in May of 2013 Camille Bodden graduated with honors (cum laude) as a BA in Communications & Media Studies with a minor in Marketing from Stetson University. She was recognised as “Outstanding Senior – Department of Communication & Media Studies” at Stetson University’s Senior Honors Banquet. Also in May 2013, Karysa Ebanks graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Management (with Distinction) from Purdue University and in August 2013, James Geary graduated with a Sociology and Music degree from Anderson University. In August 2014, Priscilla Brown graduated with Honours (Summa Cum Laude) in Business Management from the University of South Florida in Tampa. In June 2015, Brittany Borden graduated with a first class degree in Business Administration from Brock University, Ontario and Sheena Jackson gained a BSc degree in Information Technology Management for Business at the University of Sheffield. A year later Chloe Tathum earned a BSc degree in Movement Science at Penn State University, and Erica Powell graduated with a degree in Early Childhood Education from Florida International University. Our latest graduates are Aaron Farrington with a degree in Psychology at Plymouth University, and Kayla Solomon who earned a BA ( Hons ) in Early Childhood Education from the University of Portsmouth.

Currently the fund is supporting the following full-time students:

Whitney General: Medicine at Bristol University

Ashli Welcome: Veterinary Medicine at Szent Istvan University in Budapest

Amy Thompson: Hospitality Management at Portsmouth University

Miriam Mascal: International Business at University of Tampa

Leshontae Missick: Medicine at International American University in St. Lucia

Julian Jervis: Biology at George Washington University, Washington

Mya Scotchman: Psychology at Plymouth University

Martynna Berry: Communication and Media Studies at Carleton University

Shantelle Ellis: Tourism Management at University College Birmingham

Alexandra Artuch: English Literature at the University of East Anglia

Katlen Bush: English Education – Indiana Wesleyan University

Isaiah Robinson: Computer Science – Cardiff University

Jake Bennett: Aviation Management with Flight – Florida Institute of Technology

Katherine Tatum: Psychology in Education – University of York

Lacee Barnes: Public Relations – University of Texas , San Antonio