“The only thing that makes life possible is permanent, intolerable uncertainty; not knowing what comes next.” Ursula Guin

There is an art to embracing change and being comfortable with uncertainty. For many people, this state can make them downright twitchy. But, there is no predicting the future and try as we might, we cannot
control everything. We can only plan as best we can, ideally with some professional help from our friendly risk management teams.

Case in point. Who really could have predicted the rise of Donald Trump as the Republican nominee for US President? At the time of writing, we are still days away from the conclusion of what has been an astonishing
race for the White House. People the world over have been glued to the news, on the lookout for the next jawdropper and there are plenty of nails chewed to the quick by nervous spectators who are desperately hoping that common sense prevail and the right candidate will win the Oval Office.

This of course follows immediately on the heels of Brexit, another amazingly incredulous example of an event that leading up to the referendum seemed an impossibility. Yet the world over, we watched the vote count in a state of utter disbelief. The completely unexpected has continued as Article 50 cannot be triggered without a Parliamentary vote and perhaps we could predict the next step is the Supreme Court.

As at the end of October, the US has experienced the most mass shootings in its recent history. Being an unpredictable event, many of the 351 people killed and 1,283 people injured so far this year were in the wrong
place at the wrong time.

And then there is cyber security – whether it is hackers breaking down Mossack Fonesca’s WordPress site and exposing the confidential accounts of hundreds of their clients, or the alleged Russian involvement in the US election with respect to Secretary Clinton’s emails.

In our uncertain environment, the Cayman captive industry has a role to play. There are measures that can be taken to help alleviate risks as is discussed in depth within these pages. How can a business protect itself against gun law liabilities? How can we protect one of our most valuable assets – our data and information – from those who would misuse it? How do we improve upon audit reporting to ensure that we have a transparent view of the big picture? How do we make wiser investment decisions to maximise our assets?

At the same time, competition in the captive insurance industry, particularly in the onshore jurisdictions continues to increase, while the industry’s historical markets are changing, adapting, merging and consolidating. Other markets are learning about the innovative solutions a captive can be used for, opening all kinds of opportunities for new business. But not every market is the same and certainly they all have different needs. In Cayman, the captive insurance industry through its representative body IMAC, is actively looking at where the exceptional knowledge, expertise, experience and insight of this well-established jurisdiction can be best applied to solving some of these new markets’ biggest challenges.

Tomorrow might not be exactly as you thought or hoped it would be. But it will still be good in its own way. All we can do is embrace the change, ready ourselves as much as we can, and for the rest of it, sit back and enjoy the ride.

Well, except for ensuring that you have that secure email server. The importance of that cannot be understated.